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What the F*ck is Empowerment Coaching?

I get asked pretty regularly, “What exactly IS Empowerment Coaching?”.

This is an entirely fair question.

Given there are sooo many types coaches out there, each with different specialities and who utilize different techniques, I’m not surprised that folks are confused.

I thought I would take a moment today to answer some of the common questions I get about Empowerment Coaching and how I approach it.

What type of coaching do you do?

I am an Empowerment Coach. I coach using a mix of cognitive psychology techniques, mindfulness, and somatic practices to help people reach their goals.

I use my sociology lens to de-construct and critique the thoughts we have been trained to believe by society and our families. I help clients discover where these thoughts come from and how to challenge them.

Then, I assist them in the process of unlearning the harmful thoughts that are getting in the way of living the life they want to live. I help them create and practice new thoughts that help them align with their authentic selves and their future goals.

I don’t spend much time analyzing the past, but rather focus on how to change ingrained thought patterns. This process builds trust and connection with oneself, which is the basic foundation on which growth and work towards life’s goals can be built.

The value of having a coach through this process is to help offer guidance, introspection (mirror back to you), support, a ‘container’ and accountability through the change process.

Who do you work with?

I work primarily with professional women who are super hard on themselves and who want to live a life with more passion, joy, and pleasure.

They are typically women who feel “okay” about their lives, but don’t really feel exuberant and alive. They are ready for a change. Perhaps they have “checked all the boxes”/done all the things they were ‘supposed’ to but still feel unfulfilled. They’ve long prioritized their career, partner, and/or children with little time left for themselves.

In fact, they focus so much on putting others first, they aren’t even sure what they want or need.

They are often ‘go-getters’ and high achievers but are over-worked and exhausted. They are usually people-pleasers with poor boundaries, who strive for perfection and are their own worst critics.

They have lost their mojo. They may look at confident women and think, "Why can't I be like that?".

They often feel disconnected from themselves, their body, and their sexuality.

They’re fucking exhausted from all the negative self-talk.

Maybe they’ve read self-help books, gone to a few therapy sessions, but nothing seems to stick.

That’s where I come in…

How can Empowerment Coaching help me?

I help women reconnect & re-establish a loving relationship with themselves so they can live big, bold, beautiful, pleasure-filled, vibrant lives.

I like to think of it as helping women get their groove back, so to speak. Tap into and harness their own power. Live like the goddamn badass that they are.

Working with me can help increase confidence (in and out of the bedroom) and self-worth.

I often work with women to help them re-establish connection and trust with their bodies, identify and ask for their core wants, needs, and desires, as well as to set boundaries and stop people-pleasing. When we dive into the work, you will really see how all of these things are so connected.

Women who have worked with me report becoming more compassionate with themselves, prioritizing their own self-care and pleasure more often, and experiencing more overall peace (quieting the “not good enough” mind gremlins) afterwards. They often feel released from denial, self-doubt, guilt and shame and are fully able to embrace the pleasure they deserve.

What can I expect?

I use several different ‘modalities’ in my coaching. I combine the three main ones into my “MMM” method: Mindset, Mindfulness, and Movement.

Mindset: You’ve probably heard me talk about this method a lot. Mindset work entails identifying your thoughts, knowing that they create your emotions, which drive your actions, which create your outcome/life. In my coaching, I spend a lot of time with clients exploring this idea, identifying their thoughts (and where they come from), challenging them and creating new thoughts that serve them better and help them achieve their goals.

Mindfulness: Slowing our thoughts down can help us manage them and keep them from running around like unsupervised children. It can also create more peace and help us connect our mind and bodies.

Using mindfulness exercises and meditations can help us be in the present. The present is where we can access the most joy and pleasure. Being in the here and now can also help us be present in our bodies.

Our bodies hold so much wisdom about our wants, needs, and boundaries, but we’ve been trained to be distrustful of them. To disconnect from them and their wisdom. But it’s not lost. We can rebuild trust and reconnect to our bodies through things like body scans and breathwork and…

Movement: Movement is another way to access and be in our bodies. It helps us be present in the moment. To process and move through emotions. Access our sensuality, wants, and desires. Through movement we can also learn to take up space, build confidence, feel sexy, and tap into our inherent power.

I use movement in my sessions and courses to achieve any of the aforementioned outcomes, to move emotional energy through us, let go of expectations, build body acceptance, and to just practice being comfortable and feeling safe in our bodies.

I also teach a burlesque fitness class, burlesque choreo classes, and stripping classes to help women feel more confident, sexy, and empowered. I draw from the techniques in these other disciplines that give women space to step into their confident, badass selves, and explore their powerful and sensual sides.

In Summary...

I love this work and find it deeply rewarding. I’m always super happy to answer questions or to jump on a call to chat about how coaching might fit for your goals.

If you’re curious, book a 30-min free consult with me and we can see if coaching might be a good fit for you. It’s basically free therapy, so you’ve got nothing to lose!


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