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Do You Have Unhealthy Boundaries?

Do you often find yourself...

  • Saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”

  • Overcommitting yourself

  • Feeling resentful for all you do for other people

  • Feeling responsible for other people’s feelings (or lives)

  • Having difficulty sticking to your commitments to yourself

  • Riddled with anxiety when trying to make a decision

  • Terrified to ‘let people down’

  • Feeling guilty if you choose your own needs over someone else’s

  • Constantly oversharing

  • Feeling like other people don’t respect you

  • Continually trying to please everyone/people pleasing


If you answered yes to one or more of these, it’s likely that you struggle with setting boundaries. With some insight and a little bit of work, you can move from being a Boundary Botcher to a Boundary Badass.

In this in-depth self-paced online course, we will take a deep dive into the world of boundaries.


We’ll look at what boundaries are, where they come from, and what your relationship with them is. We’ll explore what boundaries feel like in your body, how thought work can help you form better boundaries, as well as effective communication and practical skills for setting boundaries.


We will also look at how to understand and communicate your needs, and how to build self-trust in order to follow-through with goals and commitments to yourself.

The Course Includes:

Lectures from Olive that teach you all about boundaries, help you identify your own relationship to them and how to use thought work to start setting and upholding boundaries in your life!


Exercises and worksheets to guide you and to dig deeper into the "you" work​


Access to Olive via email if you have questions or need additional support​​


A private facebook group to connect with other participants and ask questions, post ideas, ah-ha moments, and more

Having Better Boundaries will help you:

  • Have more time

  • Have more energy

  • Follow through with your goals & commitments to yourself

  • Enjoy the people in your life more

  • Stop abandoning yourself

  • Make decisions with ease

  • Experience more joy & pleasure


Boundary Badass is a course I've been so passionate about designing. I include elements of these teachings in the other courses I teach, and in my work with private clients. I've found that boundary setting is one of the areas that especially my women-identifying clients struggle with. It is easy to see how the way women are socialised has affected this.

That is why I created this course for women, to completely focus on mastering healthy boundaries as a foundational step to better overall life satisfaction, and better relationships. (And chip away at the 'ol patriarchy!) At this time, Boundary Badass is offered to women only.


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