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About Olive


Olive von Topp is an Empowerment Coach based in Guelph, ON. She has a wealth of knowledge from her experience of over 15 years of facilitation within health, wellness and business sectors. In addition, Olive has over 19 years of experience coordinating, event planning, administrative and case management work in the mental health and wellness sector.  


Olive is driven by her passion for helping people live more fulfilling lives through coaching, mindset management, mindfulness, movement and thought work. She helps her clients connect more deeply to themselves, guiding them in learning to address their needs and unlearning societal conditioning in order to live fuller lives. As an Empowerment Coach, she currently offers 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching courses and workshops and trainings for businesses and teams. She has served organizations such as the Salvation Army, Second Chance and the Women’s House.

Some Organizations Olive Has Worked With:

Upper Grand District School Board

Sexual Health &

Healthy Relationships and Body Love

Guelph Community Health Centre

Resident De-escalation Trainer

Women’s House

Trans Humility & Cultural Competency Training

Guelph Police Services 
Diversity Training

Salvation Army
Building Better Boundaries

Second Chance
Confidence for the Workplace

Fanshawe College

Professor of Mental Health Course for PSWs


Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training

Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute, 2015

Certified Coach Practitioner

Certified Coaches Federation, 2019


Masters of Sociology

Wilfrid Laurier University, 2011-2012

Mindfulness Counselling Strategies Training, 2016

Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma Workshop, 2016

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Training, 2016

Complex PTSD and Developmental Trauma

for Direct Services Workers Training, 2016

Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training, 2015

Olive's Offerings

Book Olive for a workshop for your business to help increase manager and employee confidence, and improve communication and efficiency.

Workshops are available online and in person.

Click each title to read the full workshop description.

for the Workplace

Strategies for Cultivating Your Inner Badass at Work and Beyond

Beyond Just Self-Care

Leaning into Discomfort, Uncertainty and the Art of "Letting Go"

in a Post-Pandemic World

for Mental Health & Wellness

Maintaining Work-Life Balance



Welcome to Building Better Boundaries, where we explore the wonderful world of boundaries; what they are, why people struggle with them, what they feel like, and how to set & maintain them. 

Boundaries are essential for self-care and wellness. They make room for more energy, joy and pleasure in our lives, and allow us to show up more wholly and enthusiastic.

Employees with healthy boundaries:

  • Show up at work with more energy

  • Have better communication skills

  • Are more engaged with the work

  • Have increased productivity

  • Report feeling more overall job satisfaction

This is a 4-week course (8 hours total, 2-hour sessions) that can be tailored to fit individual organizations & businesses’ needs.

Information can be selected and paired down into a 2-hour workshop.

Building Better Boundaries


Beyond Just Self-Care

Stressed Woman

Burnout is real and growing in the current global climate and is brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. Many employees feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted. 

This workshop teaches:

  • Show up at work with more energy

  • Have better communication skills

  • Are more engaged with the work

  • Have increased productivity

  • Report feeling more overall job satisfaction

Can be taught as a workshop or multi-workshops for organizations and businesses that want to take the work deeper. Great for management to take to manage their own burnout and to spot burnout among their employees.

Burnout: Beyond Just Self-Care

& Movement

for Mental Health & Wellness

Dancing in Park

It’s been a tough couple of years. Maintaining our mental health and overall wellness has been a struggle for many of us, to say the least.

That’s why it’s extra important that we prioritize our well-being.

In this workshop we will use a combination of:

  • Mindset work

  • Movement

  • Mindfulness techniques

To help combat negative thinking, decrease anxiety and combat stress.

Employees will learn practical tools they can take forward into their workplace and beyond to help improve their wellbeing.

Mindset, Mindfulness & Movement

Confidence for the Workplace

Professional Young Woman_edited.jpg

Confidence is not something some people are innately born with and others aren’t,

it’s a thought and it’s available to anyone.

In this workshop, we will use thought work, as well as some practical tips & tricks to address:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Fear of failure

  • Self-compassion

In order to help managers and employees show up more confidently and creatively at work.

Confidence for the Workplace

Pivot Fatigue:

Leaning into Discomfort, Uncertainty and the Art of "Letting Go"

Working at home

We’re all sick of it: pivoting. As soon as we get used to something, it changes.  Or worse, we are afraid of letting ourselves get excited about something, for fear of disappointment.

In this workshop we will look at:

  • Fear of change

  • Our need for control

  • Our inability to sit through discomfort

Through mindset and embodiment work, participants are able to build emotional capacity, learn to let go of what they can’t control and reframe their current situations. 

Pivot Fatigue

It's Not a Unicorn:

Maintaining Work-Life Balance


It’s not a myth! You CAN have a thriving personal life AND a meaningful work experience.

​This workshop looks at some of the thoughts necessary to create this balance and gives practical tools for prioritizing self-care and setting boundaries.

It's Not a Unicorn

Silencing the "Good Woman":

Strategies for Cultivating Your Inner Badass at Work and Beyond

Young Confident Woman

In this workshop, we identify, challenge, and unlearn some of the thinking that holds us back from reaching our full potential, as well as connect with our bodies and emotions, while re-learning thoughts that will allow us to step into the most confident, vibrant, badass version of ourselves at work and beyond.

This is a 4 -week course (8 hrs total) that can be tailored to fit individual organizations & businesses’ needs. Basic concepts can be presented in a 2-hour workshop, but the most value comes from a deeper immersion.

Silencing the "Good Woman"

Creating Connection

Colleagues Working Together

We’ve been feeling a little disconnected the last couple of years. Just because your team has been online, doesn’t mean there aren’t real opportunities for connection. Whether you are continuing with online, moving to hybrid, or in person, we could all use opportunities to connect as people first.

This workshop is the perfect blend of vulnerability, empathy, movement, joy, silliness, and relationship building.

Creating Connection

Sounds great, now what?

Book a FREE Discovery Call with me to see if it's the right fit. 

We'll discuss some of your team's challenges and desired outcomes to figure out which program would be best for you and your team's needs.

Once confirmed, I will work with you to build the course or workshop according to your team's needs.

We will iron out details about:

  • length

  • objectives

  • possible barriers

  • delivery


I will then create the best course or workshop to meet your team's goals.


Olive von Topp 
Life & Empowerment Coach in Guelph, ON

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