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Burlesque Performance

Olive von Topp is a burlesque and belly dancer hailing from the royal city of Guelph, ON. Known for her story-telling antics, Olive von Topp has been amusing and shocking burlesque audiences since 2013. She combines musicality, sensuality, humour, and ‘good face’ in every act she creates. And if she fails at that - at least she has great tits!


You may recognize her, (and her aforementioned tits), from performances at The New York Burlesque Festival, The Bagel Burlesque Expo, The Montreal Burlesque Festival, The Ottawa Burlesque Festival, Capital Burlesque Expo, and The Toronto Burlesque Festival. 

See Olive and her boobs in action. Here is a selection of some of her finest acts.

Olive - Do I Move You 8 vig.png

To learn more about working with Olive, seeing her perform, or booking her to perform at your event, get in touch.


Retro Burlesque 

A mysterious and smooth bellydance piece using veil and the sword.

Photo by S Curve Photography

Photo by Brandon Marsh Photography

As a waitress at a retro diner, Olive gets tired of customer demands and harassment and decides to serve up her own dish.

A repressed 1950s housewife discovers a new love for the pleasure of baking.

Photo by Brandon Marsh Photography

Photo by S Curve Studio

A 60s Go-Go dance and burlesque act with a whole lot of shakin’.

Complete with 'assels.'

Pop Culture

A funky disco burlesque dance act complete with all of Dirk’s “assets”.

Photo by Chris Hutcheson 

Photo by Rowan Photography Studio

Photo by Rowan Photography Studio


1960s ‘woke’ Jeannie gives up her life of servitude and takes her power back.

Photo by Chris Hutcheson 

Dark duality.


A new (dark) twist on an old classic. A burlesque take on power, BDSM and sex work.


Photo by Rowan Photography Studio

Photo by Stuart Service


The story you love, told through burlesque.

A stripper's take on a male stripper act.

Photo by S Curve Photography

Photo by S Curve Photography

Bob Ross isn’t all niceties and “happy
accidents”.  Sometimes a guy just wants

to get down and dirty.

Classic Burlesque

A classic half woman,

half devil burlesque power tango.

Photo by Brandon Marsh Photography

Photo by S Curve Studio

A slow, sultry classic burlesque performance, complete with belly dance.

No one will pay attention to poor Olive, but she’ll stop at nothing for attention.

Photo by  Stuart Service

Humour & Other

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Photo by 4KW Photography

Photo by Brandon Marsh Photography

1940s style gender-bender burlesque performance

A broken-hearted Olive is cheered up by a phallic gift given to her by her burlesque troupe mates. Naturally, Olive invites him for an evening of dinner and dancing.

Photo by Dom Ali

A creepy Tribal Fusion belly dance act. Perfect for darkly-themed or Halloween shows.

Photo by S Curve Studio

A failed Ringmaster & Lion Tamer will stop at nothing to entertain her audience.

Photo by Kidd Glove

Reviews of
Olive von Topp

"Great ass but, can you tone down the sarcasm?"
- Amazon

"Olive who?"
- Some person who doesn’t matter
"Olive von Topp is amazing. Everything she does is
hilarious. And she’s a really nice person."
- Mrs. von Topp (Olive’s mother)

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