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Slow Girl Summer

I want Slow Girl Summer.

I want to take my time.

Slow down & be in my body.

I want a sit-and-stare-out-the-window-while-drinking-my-coffee

kind of summer.

I want weekends with no plans-

freedom and space to do nothing,

if I choose

kind of summer.

I want rest.

And stillness.

I want to marvel at trees,

submit to the sun,

and be romanced by the moon.

I want long, hot, lazy days

by water-

spent reading and

contemplating life and

my place in the universe.

I want to feel the coolness of water on my hot sun kissed skin

and the buoyancy of my body as I play in the waves

like a child.

I want sleep-ins

and early nights

and naps in hammocks

amongst cool breezes.

I want ritual-

magic, as I make food

and plans

and decisions

and ceremonies

to nourish my




I want to be present in my skin

and in

my experience.

I want Soft GirlSummer.

I want to be in my feels-

all of them

and graciously give them the space they need.

I want to wear comfortable dresses,

soft against my skin

and be loving to my changing body.

I want to come undone,

hold the pieces as they fall,

and begin to gently put myself back together.

I want to ask for help

and be witnessed in my pain

and held by people who love me.

I want to show up

at doorsteps

with food



and wildflowers

I picked.

I want to cry at commercials

and animal videos

and the hardships of the world.

I want to let myself be moved.

I want to make art-

alchemize it all into

something beautiful-



and hold space,

when there is no meaning

to be made.

I want to write poems

and take pictures

and build a soundtrack to my life

and tell people I love them.

Maybe next summer,

if I am lucky enough to

be gifted it,

will be a Hot GirlSummer.

But not this one.

This summer

will be a








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