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Self-Care is Productive

Let’s talk about the importance of self-care. Self-care, much like self-love, is an act of resistance.

Taking care of ourselves, like truly taking care of ourselves, is not part of the status quo.

Self-love is not part of the status quo.

But, when you do love yourself, you believe you are deserving of being taken care of. When you love yourself, you know that taking care of yourself is part of how you show yourself love. You believe you are worthy of self-care.

And when I say "taking care of ourselves"... I'm not talking about maintaining our attractiveness.

I'm not talking about "aging gracefully".

I'm not talking about bubble baths and manicures (although great) or the stuff sold to us neatly packaged as "self-care" to fill the void, the void that comes from us consistently being told we are not enough. I'm talking about really, honestly, taking care of our needs.

Taking care of our own needs in a world that tells us they are not as important as everyone else's, is radical.

Recognizing our needs.

Not feeling guilty (or at least overcoming it) for having them or for asking for them.

Or for just taking care of them ourselves.

Self-care doesn't always feel amazing. It can be saying "no". Having a difficult conversation you need to have. Spending needed (albeit sometimes scary) time alone. Self-care can be working on your thoughts. or even giving yourself permission to not get something done or to fall apart. And while there are certain socio-economic factors (including time and money) that can make self-care easier for some...

It can be free. Are you one of those people who thinks self-care is frivolous? Excessive? Indulgent?


Or that it can only be done when all the "to-dos" are done? Or that your worth is tied up in your productivity?

What if we changed our perception of self-care from something ‘selfish’ or unproductive to something necessary so that you can show up in your life the way you want to show up.

I want to tell you that

Self-care is productive.

It will ground you.

Bring you home to yourself.

Your body.

Your needs.

Your desires.

Practicing self-care will make you a better partner,





Practicing self-care will help you show up in the world

more whole,

more patient,

more loving.

And what isn't "productive" about that?


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