4 Steps to Change Your Thoughts:
Free Worksheet

Are Negative Thoughts Holding You Back?

Are you afraid to ask for that promotion?

Are you avoiding difficult convos with your partner?

Do you have some bad habits that sabotage you?

Here's the thing.


Your thoughts create your emotions, which cause your actions, and then... you have the outcomes. No promotion. Relationship tension and passive aggression. Undesired health outcomes.

I talk A LOT about this in my work.

Negative thoughts are absolutely holding you back from living up to your true authentic self - and you might not even realize how,


How do I change the negative thoughts??

Through my coaching work, I've broken it down to an easy-to-remember 4-step method I use with all my clients. Here it is:

1. Catch your negative thoughts

2. Challenge those thoughts and beliefs

3. Create new thoughts to replace them

4. Cultivate space in your mind to allow new thoughts to take root

Seems simple, right? Well... there is a bit of work to it. Click the links for more detail.

How Do I Use The Worksheet?


This is juicy stuff! 

This is one of the integral parts I use in my coaching practice. The worksheet is part of Step 3 - Creating New Thoughts.

We don't jump right into crazy new mantras like, "I am a perfect beautiful being of life" when your current negative thought might be, "I am human garbage."

I walk you through my method to gently slowly, one step at a time. The worksheets are printable AND writable PDFs.

Download it now - and I'll even send you some videos on the whole method to help you out.