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F Perfect Course:
Stop Being so Hard on Yourself


I felt like I was never good enough...

Until I stopped trying to be so f*cking perfect.

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to achieve super high, unachievable goals, and then beating myself up when I didn't 'succeed' to these high standards I had set for myself. While others were thanking and complimenting me, I was so, so hard on myself. The negative self-talk was constant. No matter what I did, what I achieved or accomplished, I never felt like enough. 


I was always trying to be the "good" girl, the "perfect" woman. Trying to keep everyone around me happy. I feared failure so much that I avoided taking any risks, which made it impossible to express who I really was inside. I was trapped by what I thought other people expected of me.

Can you relate?


I thought my needs weren’t as important as everyone else’s. I was scared to say "no". I thought I needed to be perfect in order to be loved. I was settling for relationships, work, and habits that didn’t make me happy. I constantly doubted myself. I relied on external validation to feel 'okay'. It was exhausting, and it wasn't really ME.


I realized that if I wanted my life to change, what I had to change was my relationship with myself.


I started to say “F!@# it” to trying to be "perfect".

I let go of the impossible standards I held myself to.


 gave myself permission to be who I was.

I gave up on trying to achieve "perfection" in my life.


I finally realized that trying to be perfect at everything was controlling my life. I had to turn my work on myself, and address the core negative beliefs that were driving my behaviour. It wasn't easy... but it was life-changing.

I designed this group coaching experience to help other women change their relationship with perfection & start building a loving relationship with themselves to increase confidence, stop people-pleasing, and become the badass they were meant to be!

One woman's experience with "F" Perfect:


  • Gain new skills on how to offer compassion & accept yourself as you are now (don't worry you can still work on growth/towards your goals)

  • Get curious & critical about where perfectionist/"not good enough" thinking comes from & begin to challenge it

  • Identify and unlearn shame that is holding you back from experiencing pleasure and living a more fulfilling life

  • Gain confidence

  • Learn how to interrupt negative thought patterns and utilize thoughts that get you closer toward your goals

  • Increase your capacity for pleasure 

  • Access your inner badass

  • Begin healing your relationship with your body

  • Learn new ways to be present in your body & process emotions

  • Utilize movement & mindfulness exercises to practice connection to your body and sensual self

  • Practice better boundaries

  • Release self-doubt

  • Change your relationship with failure

  • Identify your needs and how to ask for them

  • Learn how to prioritize self-care



"I would highly recommend this course to any woman who feels stuck or uninspired in her life right now."


"I was completely blown away by the value I took from this course. The group format was so valuable to hear other women's revelations and share my own. It changed my life and increased my emotional maturity!"


The most important part of the course is becoming aware of the thoughts that you don't even notice are weighing on you, and finding ways to challenge them. Practicing boundaries and setting yourself up for more happiness and pleasure in your life.

The Course Includes...

6 online group coaching sessions. Wednesdays from 6:30-9pm (recorded for those who cannot attend) starting September 14th.  Includes guided, interactive activities, Q & A and discussion.

Exercises and worksheets to guide you and to dig deeper into the "you" work

1 additional online group call for extra guidance & opportunities to receive coaching

Access to Olive via email if you have questions or need additional support

A community of women to connect to and be supported by

A private facebook group to connect with other participants and ask questions, post ideas, ah-ha moments, and more



Open to all women

*Sliding scale possible

*Scholarship spot available for BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ folx

*No refunds available. Credit possible for extenuating circumstances

*Email Olive to discuss special circumstances

Get ready to give up on...

  • Hearing your brain on loop, telling you, “you’re not enough”

  • Trying to achieve a level of ‘success’ that is completely unachievable for any human and feeling like shit for it

  • Prioritizing your career, partner, and/or children first with little time left for yourself

  • Putting other people’s needs before yours -so much so that you aren’t sure what you want and/or need

  • Longing for something more but aren’t entirely sure what that is

  • Feeling like a piece of you is missing. Like you don’t know or forget the woman you once were

  • Being enemies with your body

  • Feeling exhausted from all the negative self-talk

  • Comparing yourself with other women

  • Doing the “right” thing or being a “good woman” at a cost to yourself

  •  Feeling disconnected from yourself and your body

  • Settling for an okay life

  • Constant indecision

And say "yes" to...

  • Improving the relationships in your life

  • Knowing and ask for your needs (at work, in partnership, with friends)

  • Better boundaries

  • Experiencing more joy, vitality & presence in your life

  • Reducing anxiety

  • A more peaceful state of mind

  • Increasing energy

  • Creating & going after goals

  • Saying “no” to things  you don’t want to do

  • Saying “yes” to things you do want to do

  • Taking new risks

  • More joy & pleasure in your life

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