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Finding Your No: A Free Boundaries Workshop
Thursday, January 6th 7:30-9pm


Many people find “no” to be a dirty word.


For many of us, it’s not even a word in our vocabulary.


But being able to say (and hear) “no” is essential to our well-being. When we are unable to say it, we end up people-pleasing, over-committing, or being crippled with indecision.


This can manifest as depression, anxiety, burnout, exhaustion, feelings of resentment, break-down of relationships, or even physical health problems.


Join me, Olive von Topp, for a free, live workshop on saying "no".


In the workshop, we will:

  • Examine our relationship with “no”

  • Use thought-work & body work to foster healthier boundaries

  • Gain practical tools for adding “no” to our vocabulary.

  • Learn how to politely turn down Aunt Marilyn's Jello pie!

This workshop will be recorded. The recording will be available to all registrants for 2 weeks after the workshop.

At this time, this workshop is offered to women only.

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