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We know how busy life can get; how easy it can be to put everyone else’s needs before your own. That’s why we have designed our Women’s Empowerment Retreat as the perfect opportunity to carve out dedicated time to reconnect with yourself.


Imagine, six days and six nights devoted to turning your focus inward, tuning into your core needs and desires, and allowing yourself the time and space to reflect, grow, and transform your life. The retreat is welcoming to all self-identified women.

Some of the incredible features of the retreat...

6 nights accommodation at El Sabanero Eco Lodge

Yoga (morning and evening)

Meditation and gratitude exercises

Exercise classes

Daily Workshops to inspire reflection, breakthrough, and change

Delicious, healthy, plant-based, organic, locally produced meals

Nightly Goddess Circles

A supported space to fully be yourself and nourish your mind, body, and soul

Free time to just “be” and relax, reflect, and recharge




Chelsi Rodrigues

My name is Chelsi and I am a Personal Trainer and Personal Development Coach. I was inspired at a young age to pursue this passion of mine, after a phys-ed teacher completely changed my life with fitness. I learned that when we take care of ourselves, for ourselves, magic happens! I love exercising, dancing, journalism, eating healthy and spending time in nature! 


Through my work, I inspire others to take their lives into their own hands, feel good and find confidence within them that makes their experience here more enjoyable and healthy. I help my clients find a balance so that they never feel deprived but instead, create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Through this retreat, I hope to have the same effect on you. I hope that during your week here, you find self love and confidence you didn't know you had, connect deep to yourself to find what is important for you and find who you wish to be in this world. All while having fun, connecting with other woman and feeling safe to express and be yourself.

Olive Von Topp

Hey there Darling! I’m Olive von Topp; a Burlesque Performer & Empowerment Coach. I provide one-on-one coaching to help women re-establish a loving relationship with themselves, build confidence from within, and achieve self-fulfillment. This work came out of my own journey for self-love and from knowing so many amazing women who just didn’t seem to know their own worth. It broke my heart. I wanted nothing more than for them to see themselves as other people see them. It became my mission to help women recognize their own power and value and start demanding that other people treat them accordingly.


I want to show women, “You are good enough. In fact, you’re fabulous. It’s time to start treating yourself like you deserve”. I want this retreat to be the next step on your journey to self- discovery; a space for you reconnect with pieces of yourself you had forgotten about, a place to start unlearning some of the scripts that might be holding you back, so you can start living the life you want to be living.


From the El Sabanero Eco Lodge website:


"Located near popular beach town Tamarindo in the tropical paradise of Guanacaste (northwest Costa Rica), El Sabanero is only a short drive away from 4 of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the area, Playa Avellanas, Playa Negra, Playa Junquillal, and Tamarindo.

The resort offers 15 chalets built from local teak trees, overlooking the picturesque Cañafistula valley. Each chalet includes queen size bed, private bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, safe, and a private porch.


Common areas feature a beautiful open air lodge, indoor and outdoor yoga studios, Infinity pool, and other hangout spaces, all equipped with hammocks and lounge chairs."



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