Always looking for an opportunity to take off her clothes, Olive has created events where she and other folks can do just that. Olive produces regular pleasure events where audiences can enjoy a variety of performance art and/or learn about sex and pleasure.

Notably are the regular, high-quality burlesque shows produced by 
The Femmes Rebelles, Guelph’s premier burlesque troupe. Come check one out, they promise you’ll have a good time.

Additionally, Olive is the sex nerd behind the monthly sex and pleasure education workshop series, 
Sexy Ed: the sex (education) you always wanted.


Olive is also the founder and producer of “Pleasure Cabaret”, a cabaret-style
show centred around all things sex and pleasure. Contact Olive if you are a
performer and have a sex and/or pleasure-based act (burlesque, drag, comedy/stand-up, spoken word, etc.) you’d like to perform.

Photo by Brandon Marsh Photography

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