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Olive von Topp is a performer, producer, educator, writer, nomad, empath, and cat-mom hailing from the Royal city of Guelph, ON. A self-identified pleasure-slut, Olive loves most things pleasure related, including but not limited to sex, travel, and dance. She is dedicated to dismantling the patriarchy through humour, performance, and helping to create spaces where folks can gain confidence and engage with and embrace their own sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, and inner ‘badass’.

If there’s two things Olive loves as much as stripping, it’s helping other people to strip and talking about sex. Never being one to limit herself, Olive teaches classes and workshops on burlesque, as well as sex and pleasure-related topics.

Olive would be delighted to help you on your pleasure pursuit. Whether it be workshopping a burlesque act, working on bringing out your inner badass, or navigating something in your sex life, Olive would be honoured to help.

Not only does she love helping you on your pleasure path, Olive enjoys documenting her own healthy hedonism. Read anything from Olive’s sex and pleasure tips and tricks, to her own smutty pleasure pursuits. Olive’s mom, if you are reading this, you DO NOT want to click this link.

Photo by S Curve Studio

Photo by S Curve Studio

Olive wanted more opportunities to strip, see others strip and get down with their bad selves, and talk about sex, so she’s created multiple events to do so:

Burlesque Shows with The Femmes Rebelles
Join Guelph’s premier burlesque troupe, The Femmes Rebelles (Ruby Moon, Lilith Lemons & Olive von Topp) for a night of dance, laughter, and stripping. They promise your face will hurt from grinning.

Pleasure Cabaret
Come out for a night of steamy entertainment. Enjoy burlesque, drag,
spoken-word, stand-up, erotica, and more, all centred around themes of sex and pleasure.


Sexy Ed Workshop Series
Frustrated by the lack of sex education focusing on pleasure, Olive has begun to host monthly guest educators to teach about a wide array of pleasure topics: from mindful masturbation to dominance and submission- there’s something for everyone.

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  • She’s a sapiosexual.

  • She owns more lingerie than one human should ever need.

  • She thinks humour is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Pizza is a pretty close second.

  • She loves talking and learning about sex.

  • She is continually learning new things about herself and her desires and continues to learn to love her body in new ways.

  • Can twirl tassels on her butt- also known as assels.

  • Spilt beer on her computer while writing these.

  • Can fit her whole fist in her mouth (it’s not as sexy as it sounds).

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